A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Link painted a somewhat dire picture of shared housing. And there’s more to it than that!

The need for sharing housing address the financial concerns of the house owner and the housemate, but also innumerable social needs for aging boomers. Whether you are considering home sharing as a rental with one other person, or with several others, the option is doable - and according to many - offers a rewarding lifestyle.


About 16% of people 50 and older said the live in a shared household, up from 2% four year ago, according to a recent survey whose full results will be released in coming weeks by AARP. Annamarie Pluhar, owner of Sharing Huusing Inc, offers webinars for people to engage in the conversation to discern the “wants and needs” of people considering housesharing. Her Compatability Assessment Survey covers the important and relevant topics that can hang people up, such as attention to cleanliness, use of the kitchen, handling household chores, overnight guests. By creating a profile and some significant soul searching interested individuals can begin to have conversations with others who hopefully will share similiar interests.

Sharon and I have been living together for 2 years now and we got together based on the best advice of all “try to go with someone you know, or someone who knows you.” We completed the survey after the fact, but found we were as compatible on paper as we are in person. Discovering your “wants and needs” and what you can let go of is one of the successful strategies for aging well in general. Becoming proactive about finding a housemate doesn’t happen overnight, but is well worth the time and effort you put into it. And yes, it is easier than you might think!

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