Part of the magic of living with Sharon as a companion, is how we decided to record the journey. Since both of us are writers and each had such a unique lens to view the possibilities (and now the realities) of sharing a home with another, we felt drawn to share this option with others.  In my life work I have undertaken more projects than even I can recall, but the decision to publish a booklet and now create a website has been by far the easiest, the simplest and the most fun.

sharon and deb - enjoying dinner with friends

sharon and deb - enjoying dinner with friends


The conversations and sharing over our first six months reflected even then the insights we were gaining into the process of becoming more comfortable with another.  We marked the stages of my feeling “more at home here” and “enjoying the energy of another human being” (who is as happy as I am that this is working out so well. We do this monthly on the anniversary of my official move in date - the 17th of August. These conversations helped us in completing what we had intended.  


The writing of the book - went through so many iterations and each time we got more and more clear on how we were to tell our story.  That was a big chunk of time, working individually and collaboratively.  Since I also have my own business to manage, I occasionally had some juggling to do as priorities shifted.  Sharon too has a busy life with friends and activities. But each time we came back to it we were ready for the next version.


In steps the team to help us out..  Gwen created some graphics; David created a PDF.  We were off and running.  The idea of creating a booklet had been a shared vision from the get-go.  That’s one of the great aspects of partnering with someone you know pretty well, is how much doesn’t need to be communicated!  But we also do a very thorough and conscious job of checking in with each other as we move through the tasks.


And now we are at the putting it out there stage with the launching of the website which is part of what we both envisioned.  David her son has put it together and we all worked well together. Sharon and I are technically challenged as are many of us in our 70’s but we don’t let that stop us.  So as I walk my way through the current challenges I begin to wonder - how much more do I want to take on? Is it realistic to expect that this happen now?  Can I allow myself the space to allow this to flow in perfect order? Can I become compatible with what is? How can Sharon and I share the process of publishing and communicating with our readers? 


Our ability to communicate has served us well with this project.  It’s yet another tie that binds us.  I am grateful that I don’t have to be the lead.  I don’t have to control how it goes and when it gets out there.  I just have to be ready when the time is right and tune in with Sharon, and off we go.  Bottom line - It has to be fun!






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